30 Second Smoothie: Super Simple & Toddler-Approved

30 Second Toddler Approved Smoothie

Check out this super simple, toddler-friendly 30 second smoothie! The recipe uses just five ingredients (that you probably have at home) and a blender. Easy peasy and ready in just 30 seconds!

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This post is dedicated to the parents of toddlers who are losing their minds at dinnertime. As a mother of a two-year old, I understand the struggle. One moment they love something and the next moment they hate it. It is quite frustrating, especially when they cannot communicate what they want.

Let me back up a few years and explain how we got here…I used to cook delicious dinners from scratch every evening. The routine would start with a trip to the farmer’s market on Saturday morning to leisurely peruse the options. Then, I would pick whatever looked scrumptious and head home to experiment with new recipes. I loved spending hours in the kitchen each day but, all of a sudden, things began changing. We found out we were expecting!

Needless to say, the all-day cooking adventures were over. I knew my habits needed to change to accommodate a new addition to the family. Thankfully, I came across Wildtree while I was five months pregnant. There was light at the end of the tunnel! I learned how to make healthy meals in minutes, I was helping others simplify dinnertime, and making money. Win-win-win! If that interests you, you can learn more here. Now, back to my current dilemma.

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Fast forward a couple years and we are facing the picky toddler stage. I never thought it would happen to us because at first he would eat everything but, low and behold, here we are. Picky kids are relentless! Nevertheless, we must eat which leads me to a guessing game of what he will eat each day.

After a few months of seemingly nutrition-less snack foods, we are on the mend. I have found several ways to add more nutrients into his diet without him chucking food on the floor. Hip hip hooray! I am finally getting a bit of sanity back. Plus, we all could use a little extra nutrition in our lives so cooking the same healthy meal for everyone is great solution.

So, what have I learned? Stainless steel straws are your best friends! My little man enjoys drinking his smoothie in the cup I blended it in with a silicone lid and stainless steel straw. I love serving it this way because these items are reusable, dishwasher-safe, and relatively spill-free. Also, if you have straw biters, the stainless steel straws do not get ruined like those pesky plastic straws that ruin our environment and kill animals.

You can purchase the silicone lid and stainless steel straws at MightyNest. I received them as part of my monthly MightyFix subscription. It is an affordable way to switch over to eco-friendly products one item at a time AND you choose a school to support through your purchase. It is quite a deal!

We have a Ninja blender and an immersion blender so, depending on what is clean, I use one of those two options. Although, any blending contraption will work. Take note, the Ninja blender does better with frozen ingredients and the immersion blender does better with refrigerated or room temperature ingredients. I tend to have frozen fruit so the Ninja is my first choice.

Now, let’s talk ingredients. I prefer to use frozen fruit because I do not have to worry about it going bad. Plus, it makes a thick frozen consistency without having to add ice. You can use fresh fruit but it creates a runnier consistency which also makes it a bit messier. If you do use fresh fruit, wash and cut it as soon as you bring it home and store it in a mason jar. It will stay fresh longer and you can grab it as you need it since you will have already prepped it.

30 Second Smoothie IngredientsAs for yogurt, my son will drink the smoothie with Greek yogurt but he prefers regular yogurt when he eats it by itself. Greek yogurt has more protein and less sugar so it is usually the better option. There are many ingredients I could add to make it a more well-rounded drink but I wanted to start with the basics first. As he continues to show interest with smoothies, I will play around with other nutritious ingredients and keep you updated.

Regular Yogurt versus Greek Yogurt

So, here is the recipe of the smoothie that finally got my toddler to eat something other than oatmeal. Hooray! I usually have t-minus two seconds to get something in his belly before we have a meltdown so this is super simple. Throw the ingredients in a container, blend them, and stick a straw in it.


30 Second Smoothie

This 30 Second Smoothie is a super simple, toddler-approved recipe. The serving size is for a child. Adults may want to double the recipe.

Course Drinks, Snack
Servings 1


  • 3-4 Strawberries
  • 1/4 cup Blueberries
  • 1 Banana
  • 1/4 cup Orange Juice
  • 1/2 cup Greek Yogurt (Plain or Vanilla)


  1. Put the ingredients in a blender or mason jar, depending on what blending device you will be using.

  2. Blend ingredients until smooth.

Recipe Notes

I have found it helpful to put the solid ingredients in the bottom of the cup so that the first thing that blends are the softer ingredients. I put in the frozen strawberries first, then the frozen blueberries, and then the banana, yogurt and orange juice. It surely is not necessary but my blender does better conquering the frozen veggies last.

Well, that is all I have for now! I hope this 30 second smoothie recipe is a success for you as well. If you have a recipe or feedback to share, please comment below. Also, you can try using the Ninja or an immersion blender to sneak some veggies into other foods like spaghetti sauce. Good luck!
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2 thoughts on “30 Second Smoothie: Super Simple & Toddler-Approved

  1. My daughter is 9 and still turns her nose up at most everything I make. Some days, all she seems to have are smoothies and snacks. I’m saving your recipe b/c I know she’ll love this one. I also have been able to get her to stick about 1/2 cup of spinach in her smoothie b/c she’s not so concerned about the color. My son (11 y/o) won’t touch anything green. Thanks for the tips!

    1. Thank you for sharing your experience! I have heard many people say that they have successfully added spinach into their kids’ smoothies. I’ll have to experiment and see if he approves!

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