Fire Drops Review + Coupon Code

Hello fellow crunchy friends! Per the rules, I must tell you that I received a bag of Fire Drops in order to write this review, however, everything I share is my honest opinion. Now, keep on scrolling down to read my Fire Drops review!

Fire Drops Review

I love connecting with like-minded individuals so I was ecstatic to reach 1,000 followers on Instagram. It is my favorite social media platform because I meet amazing people and businesses just from searching hash tags! One day when I was perusing IG, I came across a company called Fire Drops that makes organic lozenges infused with cayenne pepper. I thought that was crazy but, when they offered to send me a bag to review, I had to give them a try!

So, after a couple months of use thanks to an annoying Summer cold and some dry throat days, here’s what I have to say…I love Fire Drops! I am not a fan of spicy heat other than an occasional bowl of¬†Spicy Chicken Fried Rice,¬†however, Fire Drops are more heat than spice. Think of the feeling of putting a warm compress on your neck but on your sore throat. It is very soothing! Plus, they contain just four organic ingredients; organic cane sugar, organic brown rice syrup, organic butter, and organic cayenne pepper.

While I love Fire Drops and will buy and recommend them, I did notice two things that slightly bothered me. My mouth got a little tender after sucking on the lozenge because of the little specks of pepper. To avoid this, I just didn’t move it around and kept it on my tongue until it dissolved. Although I love that the ingredients of the lozenge are organic, I hate sending plastic to the landfill. I would be thrilled to see a switch to biodegradable packaging.Fire Drops 3 Pack

Aside from those two small annoyances, I thoroughly enjoyed the Fire Drops. One of the most awesome attributes of Fire Drops is that, as a company, they donate a portion of their revenue to a nonprofit called Homes for Hope. I love supporting businesses that give back so this is a huge plus in my book!

Overall, the Fire Drops were successful at soothing our sore throats. They are full of flavor without being too spicy for an average person. I will be buying a few packs to have at home as Fall approaches and highly recommend for you to grab a bag (or three!) as well. In fact, if you use code CALLMECRUNCHY when you shop on you will get 20% off until August 31st. Yay!

So, what are you waiting for?! Head over to the Fire Drops website now! If you enjoyed this Fire Drops review, please share it with your best friend. As always, thank you for your continued support of Call Me Crunchy!Fire Drops Review

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