June Meal Plan + Summer Cooking Tips

June Meal Plan + Summer Cooking Tips

Welcome to the June Meal Plan! This month, I’ll be sharing some smart Summer cooking tips to help you have an enjoyable month of meals.

During the Summer season, we love to be outside in the beautiful weather relaxing and having a great time as a family. That is only possible if I meal plan because, without a plan, we come inside and I am left scrambling to throw dinner together. This post includes Summer cooking tips and a June Meal Plan with recipes that are ready in 30 minutes or less. Enjoy!

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June Meal Plan

In this meal plan, I have included recipes that are simple, nutritious and delicious. Also, I kept Summer in mind when choosing recipes because there are a few things I change about the way I cook as the weather warms up.

The biggest change I make as Summer approaches is limiting my use of the oven. Our kitchen is a very secluded part of our house that is naturally hotter than the rest, however, when you add a hot oven to that it is nearly impossible to cool that room down. So, instead of using the oven, put your grill or crock pot to use. If you have an Instant Pot, try out this recipe for cooking a whole chicken. Trust me, your air conditioner and bank account will thank you!

This is really a year-round smart cooking tip but, in the Summer in particular, eating local and seasonal produce is a simple, eco-friendly switch. There are so many wonderful fruits and vegetables that grow in warm weather. If you haven’t already, figure out when and where your area has a farmer’s market. By shopping locally, you are supporting your community and getting the freshest food possible. Freshly picked, organic produce is the best!

Speaking of fresh produce, eating raw fruits and veggies is a perfect Summer snack. I like to prepare an array of my favorite vegetables and a Wildtree dip to keep in the fridge for a quick treat. Chilled food is refreshing in the heat of Summer! Smoothiespopsiclessalad, and no-bake snacks are great options for cold foods that are easy to DIY.

If you find a good deal on fresh produce, buy it in bulk and freeze what you can’t eat right away. Keeping your fridge and freezer stocked helps maintain the temperature. Although, remember to let food cool to room temperature before storing leftovers to prevent extra energy use. If you are looking for plastic free ways to store food, check out how to freeze in glass.

Last but not least, make sure that you are using safe tools while preparing food. Although convenient, you really should not be using aluminum foil. Instead, use parchment paper to line pans or a stainless steel veggie basket for grilling. Avoid plastic and silicon cooking utensils. Instead, use bamboo or stainless steel. Ditch the disposables such as plastic wrap and plastic bags. Instead, use beeswax food wraps and reusable bags from MightyNest.Shop mightynest.com for non-toxic products to create a healthy home

With these Summer cooking tips and the June Meal Plan recipes, your house will stay as cool as a cucumber while you eat healthy meals. Subscribe to the Monthly Meal Plan below and you will receive a meal plan once a month. Join our Monthly Meal Plan support group where I post the recipe of the day.

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